Classic Car Restoration

I do full classic car body restorations ready for the show floor, to daily drivers that just need a fresh coat of paint and everything in between.  Sorry,  do not do interiors or mechanical work - just paint, body and sheet metal.

Sheet metal Work

Doing your own auto restoration but need some help with the sheet metal work? Call me.

References available

I have a long list of satisfied customers that would be happy to vouch for my work and my work ethic. I've done several car restorations for most of my clients.


I can't give estimates simply because I don't know what I'm getting into until I start taking the car apart. I've listed the hours spent on recent car restoration projects along with a short description on what was done to give you an idea of cost. My rate is $70/hour + parts and materials.  

completed restoration

Tel: 319-400-9572

320 Lamar Drive Beech Island SC 29842 US

Current restoration

59 Cadillac Complete 2/2020

40+ Years experience

1966 Impala

Strip and repaint.

Start: June 2020

1959 Cadillac

Strip & repaint.

Hours:  205
Start/Finish:  Dec 2019 - Feb 2020